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About Karen Hess.

That's me.  The owner of Hess Advertising & Marketing since 1993.  I primarily focus on small businesses.  Those that think they are not large enough for an ad agency, but would love to have the benefits of one.  That's where Hess Advertising & Marketing comes in, and you benefit.

New ideas for your business start as just a 'small seed'.   A thought, a comment, a remark by a customer customer, can spark a new idea and before you know it, your business has something to really grow on.  Something to give it new strength. 

Most important, keep your business fresh and alive.

...and do that by keeping ' yourself ' fresh and alive.

Step away from work once in a while and breathe in the fresh air and enjoy life.

Creative people network with other Creative people.

In other words....whatever you need, I can either create it myself or find someone who we can work with.  Advertising, Promotions, Events, Fund Raising, Logo Design, Custom Artwork, Websites, let's start planning.

Here's What Hess Advertising does BEST...

In alphabetical order....because I always try to make things easy for my clients.

• Banners • Billboards • Brochures • Business Cards • Buttons 

• Cartoon Drawings • Catalogs • Custom Slogans 

• Event Planning • Fund Raising Events for Non-Profits • Graphic Design • Logo Design 

• Original Illustrations 

• Photography • Photoshop Enhancement of Photos & Art • Post Cards 

• Posters • Promotional Items • Publicity 

• Rack Cards • Radio Ads 

• Websites

• If there is something that you are thinking about and you don't see it on the list....JUST ASK!  


I have solutions for any project you may be working on!

Give me a few details, I'll do the research and present the options available to you...AND most important work within YOUR budget.  

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